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The mailFISH POP3/SMTP proxy comes to you a small application. On this page you can download the respective software for free. The installation of the mailFISH client is also described here.


The mailFISH client is available in a Microsoft Windows or a platform-independent JAR version. You can download it right here for free:

Download the mailFISH client
Operating System Microsoft Windows Other
Full Download mailFISH client with JRE (no bundle yet available)
Minimal Download mailFISH client only mailFISH JAR file
I do accept the license agreement described in the mailFISH terms and conditions.

NOTE: The mailFISH client is implemented in Java and requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6. If you do not know what Java is or whether you have it installed please download the full version of the mailFISH client. Mac OS X users might find this article helpful.


The Microsoft Windows version of the mailFISH client can be installed the following way:
  1. Double-click the downloaded executable.
  2. Click Next on the appearing setup window.
  3. Select the destination folder for your mailFISH client application. For most users it will be fine to leave the predefined setting unmodified. Click Next to continue.
  4. Select the components to install. It is strongly recommended to leave the initial settings unmodified and to simply click Next to continue.
  5. Chose the start menu folder in which a shortcut to the mailFISH client shall be created. Click Install to start the actual installation process.
  6. Once you are done a brief summary appears. Click Next and Finish to finalize the installation of the mailFISH client.

The platform-independent JAR version of the mailFISH client requires no specific installation procedure.

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