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Access your POP3/SMTP accounts from anywhere by use of the mailFISH HTTP tunnel. Bypass firewalls and proxies whenever you want to receive messages in your favourite E-Mail application.

By tunnelling mail server communications over HTTP the mailFISH makes it possible to access any mail account from behind firewalls or proxies that block POP3 or SMTP ports. All you have to do is to download the mailFISH client application here, start the program and tell your E-Mail client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) that it shall talk to localhost instead of pop.your-mail-server.com from now on (see our detailed instructions).

The mailFISH comes to you a small application which has to be downloaded and installed. It acts as a local POP3/SMTP server which decides on what to do with your mail communication in an intelligent way. It detects automatically whether or not a direct connection to your mail servers is possible. If so, this direct connection is used. If not, however, all mail communication is tunnelled over HTTP and your E-Mail communication goes over the server-side part of the mailFISH on www.serFISH.com (read more about how it works).

The service is designed for everybody who wants to access his/her E-Mail account(s) from behind a firewall or proxy, and who does not have or want to use a webmail client. By use of the mailFISH, you can always manage your E-Mails in your favourite E-Mail client application: No matter where you are.

How to use the mailFISH:
  1. Download the latest version of the mailFISH client right here.
  2. Install the mailFISH client application as is described here.
  3. Update the mail account settings in your favourite mail client application according to this tutorial.
  4. Access your mails from within your favourite mail client whereever you are.

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