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Use this search engine to find JAR files and Java classes. It helps to resolve NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException problems and is linked directly to the ibiblio maven repository.

The jarFISH is a search engine that helps to find JAR files and Java classes. Simply enter the name of the class or the JAR file you are looking for and start your search. The jarFISH can be used to easily resolve NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException problems. It can be accessed directly on www.findJAR.com.

The jarFISH database is based on the ibiblio maven repository. At the current time more than 16.000 JAR files containing almost 2 million classes are indexed. If you think that an important JAR file is missing in our index, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will try to take your proposal into consideration.

The service is intended for Java developers who are facing NoClassDefFoundError or ClassNotFoundException problems. Required JAR files can be downloaded from the ibiblio repository through the provided links.
Search JAR files/Java classes:
Please enter the name of the class or JAR file you are looking for to start your search. For JAR files it may be a good idea to omit the file extension .jar:

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