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Please read our terms & conditions carefully as they contain important information on the provided service and related safety issues.

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the consoleFISH service. The operator of the service is referred to as "we", the user of the service is referred to as "you" in the following.

  • The use of the consoleFISH is free. Costs may only arise from the explicit purchase of personal user accounts.
  • The consoleFISH service is provided "as is". None of its users has any kind of claim on the extension and/or modification of the service. In particular, we can not guarantee that the consoleFISH can be accessed from a particular browser and/or operating system.
  • The user of the consoleFISH has no claim on the availability and quality of the provided services. As we can not guarantee the correct transmission of data and/or any particular level of performance, no compensation can be provided for the loss of data and potential damage that might occur.
  • The use of the consoleFISH is intended for periodic instead of continuous use. Even though there are currently no quotas activated, they might be introduced as the service becomes more popular.
  • All data that is sent by the consoleFISH goes through our servers where it is available in unencrypted form. We only log information on the sessions opened through the consoleFISH (such as IP addresses and accessed server names) for statistical purposes. The sensible data you send through our system (such as passwords and console commands) is not being logged. We will not disclose any data to third parties unless they have the legal right of access.
  • It is not allowed to use the consoleFISH for any kind of malicious act or illegal purpose. In particular it is strictly forbidden to use the provided service for denial-of-service attacks, spamming, break-in attempts and other attacks.
  • The service must not be accessed by any kind of automated script or program.
  • Any attempt of violating the rules defined in these terms and conditions will be logged and prosecuted.
  • It is up to you to test if you can access your servers by use of the service prior to the registration of a personal user account. In particular it is a currently known issue that the consoleFISH might have difficulties with some anonymizing proxy services such as TOR, etc. Please make sure to test the consolFISH in its free version prior to purchasing a key if you want to use the consoleFISH in combination with such services.
  • Please provide a valid and non-temporal E-Mail address as this address is the only mean by which we can identify you and get in touch in case of technical problems or account issues. If you provide a wrong/invalid E-Mail address, your personal account may be disabled without notice. Note that no refund is possible in this case.
  • Upon the registration of a personal account, we will process your order as quickly as possible. Still, there might be a slight delay in the availability of your account as we have to wait for your payment to be cleared.
  • A personal account is intended for personal use only. You must not pass on your code to other users as the number of allowed IP addresses is restricted per day. If we detect any abuse of your account it might be disabled. Note that no refund is possible in such cases.
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